True Ling Heather Honey from the Norwegian Mountains, Raw & Pure Honey

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Collected from Calluna Vulgaris, the true ling heather, in the Norwegian Mountains. This is the honey for the true gourmands! We can promise it will be highly appreciated when hosting dinner parties with charcuterie or cheese platter, or maybe as a gift for the hosts.

Our honey is always pure, raw, unheated and unfiltered. We only produce raw honey, because we want our honey to be the way nature made it for us.

Each jar contains 250 grams (0.55 lbs) of honey.

Our jars are boxed in nature friendly cardboard boxes, for safe travelling.

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Pure, Raw True Ling Heather Honey

This honey is the True Ling Heather Honey from the flower Calluna Vulgaris. It must not be mistaken for the Heather Honey from the Erica flowers.

We take great effort and pride in finding the accurate location for our bees to collect the nectar for this honey. The area of course has to offer plenty of True Ling Heather, but it is also important that there aren’t other plants blooming at the same time as the True Ling Heather. That’s how we can provide this honey with such a strong, pungent flavour of the True Ling Heather.


The flavour of True Ling Heather Honey is one of the strongest and most pungent flavours amongst honey. The aftertaste is nearly bitter and earthy and lasts for a long time.

Some would say it tastes of autumn or caramel. Others describe the flavour as tangy, smoky and mildly sweet.


Commonly used as a spread or for marinating ham, chicken, lamb, seafood and cold meat dishes.

It is a popular and exclusive sweetener together with a plate of cheese, board of charcuterie, on the yogurt or ice cream. It also works well with tea and a cup of warm milk and honey.

Also, this is the honey the Vikings used for making their famous mead.


Like Manuka Honey, True Ling Heather Honey has a thixotropic consistency. This means that the honey has a gel-like consistency but will become temporarily liquid when stirred.

Health benefits

True Ling Heather Honey has a high content of antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals and polyphenols. It is said to have very high antibacterial effect.
A study from Ireland states: “Irish heather honey had the highest TPC of all Irish single origin honeys and had a higher TPC than Manuka honey.” You can read the study by clicking here.

Learning from the generations before us

While we, as beekeepers, do not take responsibility for scientific claims, we value the wisdom passed down by previous generations. An experienced beekeeper shared with us that providing bees with True Ling Heather Honey after winter greatly enhances their well-being. In fact, we observed a remarkable difference in our bee communities that were given True Ling Heather Honey when they were about to enjoy spring and life outside the beehive after a long Norwegian winter.

The older generations in Norway prefer True Ling Heather Honey to other types of honey, because they simply believe it is the best honey to promote good health. After all, it is a honey that has been perfectionated since the Viking Era.

Origin and Size

Our True Ling Heather Honey is collected by our bees in wild, remote nature – 600 meters above sea level.


Each jar contains 250 grams (0.55 lbs) of honey.

Our jars are boxed in nature friendly cardboard boxes, for safe travelling.

Our Honey is 100% Natural, Pure, Raw Honey

We believe in what the nature gives us!

The honeybees have been around for millions of years, and sure know how to treat and take care of their honey. We do not want to alter this magnificent product given to us by nature.

Therefore, we only produce and sell pure, raw honey, which means our honey is unheated, unfiltered and unpasteurized.

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  1. My favourite

  2. This honey is just wonderful!

  3. Ive tried many different types of honey from all over the world. This is so far one of the best. Glad eBay recommended it to me and I decided to try it. After ordering it I received a friendly message from the seller telling me that my honey would be shipped soon. I didnt even know it was gonna be coming directly from Norway:). It only took a short period of time to receive it in the US. From now on Ling Heather honey is gonna be in the list of my favorite foods!!

  4. very good honey and quick delivery.

  5. Excellent product and excellent shopping experience. A++++ seller!

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Honey, as nature made it





Our honey is crafted just as nature intended — nothing added, no heating, simply 100% pure and delicious, all-natural honey.

In our beekeeping practices, we prioritize the well-being of our bees, ensuring they are healthy and happy without the use of pharmaceuticals or antibiotics. This commitment guarantees that our honey remains free from any traces of pharmaceuticals.

To ensure an even more natural quality for our honey, our apiaries are situated only in or on the edge of forests, where the bees collect nectar from wild, naturally growing plants.