Discover the Golden Nectar of Norway's Pristine Nature

Indulge your taste buds with exquisite Norwegian Honey, sourced from the pristine fjords, forests, and mountains of Norway.

Our honey is offering rare and captivating flavours that will transport you to the heart of Scandinavian wilderness.

Experience the pure and raw goodness of Norwegian Honey today and unlock a world of natural sweetness. Get your jar now and embrace the taste of Norway!

Honey, as nature made it





Our honey is crafted just as nature intended — nothing added, no heating, simply 100% pure and delicious, all-natural honey.

In our beekeeping practices, we prioritize the well-being of our bees, ensuring they are healthy and happy without the use of pharmaceuticals or antibiotics. This commitment guarantees that our honey remains free from any traces of pharmaceuticals.

To ensure an even more natural quality for our honey, our apiaries are situated only in or on the edge of forests, where the bees collect nectar from wild, naturally growing plants.

Our honey

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Beekeeping in the challenging conditions of 60°N latitude comes with its own set of difficulties, yet it also brings forth several advantages. The abundant natural flora, robust bee health, and strict regulations within Norwegian agriculture collectively contribute to the creation of a distinct and entirely pure honey. Delve into the distinctive aspects of beekeeping in this climate and explore the measures we take to guarantee the exceptional quality of our honey.
Keeping bees in Norway started as early as the Viking Ages. Keeping bees and trading with honey have played an important part of history. For more than a thousand years, beekeeping techniques and knowledge have developed, together with the love and admiration of bees. In this article we go through some of the findings during the last millennium.

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