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Do you use medicine or pharmaceuticals on your bees?

No! Norway has one of the healthiest populations of bees in the world. Norwegian beekeepers take the responsibility of keeping it that way very seriously. There’s no need of medication, but also, it is not allowed. Any medicine or antibiotics are strictly forbidden within beekeeping. When materials such as beeswax are imported to Norway to […]

Do you add sugar to your honey?

No! We believe in the purity of what nature gives us, and therefore, that the honey is supposed to be exactly the way the bees made it. Also, Norwegian regulations do not allow sugar in any form or shape to be added to the honey. If there are any traces of sugar in the honey, […]

Is your honey heated?

No! According to the Norwegian regulation for honey production and sales, we are not allowed to heat up the honey. If the honey has been heated, it can no longer be sold as “honey”.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and also PayPal. Credit card and debit card transactions are handled through Stripe for the safety of both us and our clients.

What is your return policy?

Our goal is to have happy and satisfied customers. No matter the reason, please do not hesitate in contacting us if there’s anything making you unhappy or dissatisfied with your order or products. For full return policy, please see this page. In short; We cannot accept returns of honey. For any other product we have a […]

USA: Do you provide documentation to FDA?

Yes! As we are sending food items from outside the US, the US regulations say we have to register a Prior Notice with FDA. We register a Prior Notice in the FDA portal for all shipments to the US. The Prior Notice is uploaded digitally to the DHL Express system. Also, on the shipment label […]

Do you charge sales tax or VAT?

We do not collect any taxes or VAT for our international orders. Depending on regulations in your state or country, you order/shipment might be eligible of sales tax/VAT. If so, our courier, DHL Express, will contact you with information about this. DHL Express has easy to use and efficient online tools for this process.

How much is the shipping?

The shipping fees vary depending on your order and your location. We ship from Nesodden, Norway. In the checkout, you will see live rates in USD after you have entered your address. The checkout calculates the weight of the items in your basket and may change according to the number of items in your basket. […]

When will my order be shipped?

We normally ship within two business days. Please be aware that Norwegian Bank Holidays might be different from your location. Please click here to see Norwegian Bank Holidays.