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Indulge in the exquisite richness of our Pure Norwegian Raw Honey, a testament to the pristine landscapes of Norway. Sourced from the purest floral nectar, our honey is a celebration of nature’s bounty.


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"In 2022 I purchased Ling Heather honey from this seller. This year I ordered all three types of honey the seller has. Ling Heather, Late Summer and Forest honey. All three are great. Ling Heather is the strongest one. Next comes late summer honey which is a little milder. And Forest honey is the mildest one. It’s a matter of preference. I prefer stronger honey. Overall, I’m really happy with my purchases. Great seller, great quality honey, and really fast shipping to US."
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"Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. unique and delicious!"
"This is the most wonderful honey imaginable! This seller is stellar. The entire experience was very, very good."